How To Plan A Great Vacation

 Our days and mines become filled planning that very important, much anticipated, needed vacation or family reunion.  The decisions are endless and chooses are unlimited.

 The beach, mountain, east coast, west coast, south, north, accommodations, trains, cars, planes, resorts, tours, one week, two weeks, or just a weekend here and there.  The chooses and decisions can become overwhelming. 

 Owning and operating Norally House a vacation rental in the Asheville, North Carolina area for fourteen years, has given me first hand insight at what makes a great vacation experience without all the un-needed stress.  

 A little planning and a lot of delegation is the key to having that trip or vacation that will be enjoyable for the whole family. 

 I noticed quickly that the most successful reunion groups and family vacation groups had three key things in common.  Delegation, advance planning and communication were present from the onset of the vacation planning.   


Pick three to four family members to make the decisions and arrangements as to location and accommodations.  

 Advance Planning: 

On the last day of their trip they appoint who will be the planners for the following year.  This allows them to have new ideas,  new locations, new experience at the same time being fair and allowing other family members to have a turn in the planning.   A bit of adventure is always exciting for all ages and to share new things and places with your loved ones creates memories that last a life time. 


When choosing an accommodation or destination don’t be shy about asking anything and everything.  An accommodation that is professional, wants your business and is worthwhile doesn’t have a problem answering any questions. 

 When planning your special vacation or reunion remember to keep in mind everyone’s interest and try and fine locations that offer activities for everyone and every age in your group.

Vacation Rentals and cabin rentals offer a large verity of accommodations.  Most vacation rentals also offer assistance in arranging tours, outings and offer information on all area activities. Vacation rentals allow the whole family to stay together at a more affordable price. 

 Often time’s people don’t understand a quote on a vacation rental.  Using Norally House as an example, a weekly rental during peek time for up to 18 guests is $5439 a week. This may seem high until you do the break down.  The fee includes sales and lodging tax, cleaning, everything and even gas for the gas grill, all you need to bring is the food you will be cooking. 

 When you break down the fees you find that the daily rate is $777 per day for everything included.  That’s $43.16 per person per day which is way below the daily cost of a low end motel that does not include anything or even come close to the amenities that a vacation rental has to offer. The off peek season is an even greater savings.  Make sure to ask what is included in every vacation rental quote. Not all vacation rentals are created equal. 

Vacation rentals and cabin rentals have the advantage of having full kitchens, outdoor grilling, game rooms, hot tubs, large private grounds along with many more comforts of home. 

 There are many good online vacation rental venues.  One of the largest and most widely used is the Homeaway network.  You can find them at or  These user friendly sites allow you to put in how many people you want to accommodate, where and even the amenities that you desire then it list all the available vacation rentals that fit your request.  You can view pictures, videos, information, reviews on each vacation rental and even call and speak with the owner or manager of any property.  You can book on line on their secure system or call the owner to make a reservation.  Set back with a cup of coffee and enjoy browsing through the many options these sites have to offer. Talk about delegation.  It doesn’t get easier than that. 

 Happy Vacation Planning!



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